Friday, July 24, 2009



We have just returned from doing a book signing for the American Red Cross, at the 28th Annual National Corvette Homecoming in Bowling Green, Kentucky. WOW! Was that fun? Bowling Green is the home of the only Corvette plant in the world and the National Corvette Museum. There were so many COOL cars. I saw one 1960 black Corvette with red leather seats and interior. Talking to the owners was great fun.

These car lovers will never let go of their corvettes.

"I fell in love with Corvettes back in 1962 when I was a child. I've always loved them. My wife and I own 4 right now," notes Corvette owner Bob Wallace. Its that love, along with a lot of horsepower, that brought Wallace up from Florida for the "National Corvette Homecoming." His 1962 Corvette Convertible is what Wallace calls a 'survivor" car since all of its parts are original from the day it was rolled onto the lot.

Bowling Green native, Rodey Grimes discussing his 1970 Corvette Stingray "Growing up, my dad always had a Corvette. So its kind of been a family tradition for me," he recalls. Now, he takes pride in his own vehicle, which he rebuilt from scratch. "It was completely disassembled. Some parts, a lot of parts that you can't find or can't buy anymore are sandblasted and re-painted to look like new," says Grimes.

Then there are the enthusiast who came from as far away as Norway such as Oskar Lilleaas and Christian Lilleaas.

And Ontario, Canada "It's worth it," said Margaret Adams, a Corvette owner from Ontario, Canada. "We love the United States. We love traveling down here, so we'll drive any distance to be down here.” They don't mind traveling because of their passion for Corvettes.” We’ve had them since 1985," said Glenn Adams, also of Ontario. "We still have the '85, and we bought a new one last year."

Special thanks to Joe and Vera Pruitt, Organizers of the Homecoming for their support of the American Red Cross, the local Bowling Green Chapter, and the Book Signing. It would never have happened without their efforts. Also to Lacey Steele from WBKO Bowling Green for covering the book signing and doing a great job of helping to publicize it.

Most of all thanks to all the wonderful people that contributed recipes, including Joe and Vera Pruitt and to the people who purchased the cookbooks to support the American Red Cross.


Sunday, July 19, 2009



Paducah, KY- Author and Kentucky native Pam Whinnery has four book signings schedule across Kentucky over the next 4 months. Each of the book signings are serving as a fundraiser for a non-profit organization.

Now in its second printing the cookbook, “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities” is a celebration of all things Kentucky. It not only has recipes from famous celebrities with ties to Kentucky, but recipes from various historical locations, tourist attractions, and unique Kentucky celebrations.

Pam will be participating in one of theses celebrations July 18th. Joe Pruitt, organizer of the National Corvette Homecoming ask her to do a book signing at the event as a fundraiser for the Bowling Green Chapter of the American Red Cross. The 28th Annual Homecoming will be held at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, which is the home of the only Corvette plant in the world and the National Corvette Museum.

Culpepper Place located at Holt Rd. in Paducah, KY will be hosting a book signing August 7th as a fundraiser for Paducah Cooperative Ministry. The activities director thought the cookbook would be of special interest to the residents, their families, and friends, because of recipes submitted by family members of Alben Barkley, Dale Evans, D.W. Griffith, and John Scope.

Probably the most unusual event will be the 17th Annual Great Outhouse Blowout Race held at Penn’s Store in Gravel Switch, KY (near Danville). The September 12th event is carried live on ESPN. The celebration first started in 1992 as an Outhouse Dedication Ceremony at America's oldest country store, still in ownership and operation by the same family since 1845. The historic '92 event included performances by Chet Atkins and Billy Edd Wheeler. Dawn Lane Osborn, granddaughter of Alma 'Tincy' Penn Lane invited Pam to do a book signing as a fundraiser for Penn’s Store and its OUTHOUSE, which are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, a Kentucky Historical Landmark, and a Kentucky Centennial Business

Pam has been invited by the Grand River’s Chamber of Commerce to do a book signing at the Hunters Moon Festival, Saturday Oct. 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as a fundraiser for the Chamber.

If you cannot attend one of these book signings, but would like a copy of the cookbook, or would like to use it as a fundraiser for a non-profit organization in your community, you may contact the author at: Pamela Whinnery, 5754 Lovelaceville Rd. Paducah, KY, 42001; e-mail, or she can be reached at 270-554-5332. The suggested retail price is $19.95 each with 50% of the cost going to the non-profit organization.