Wednesday, January 16, 2008



In my quest for recipes from famous celebrities and places in Kentucky, I have had and continue to receive some GREAT responses!
Kentucky has 2 National Parks. Mammoth Cave and Cumberland Gap and I have recipes from both of them!

Mammoth Cave is the world's longest cave system, with more than 365 miles explored. Early guide Stephen Bishop called the cave a grand, gloomy, and peculiar place," but its vast chambers and complex labyrinths have earned its name: Mammoth.

Cumberland Gap was the first great gateway to the west. The buffalo, the Native American, the long hunter, the pioneer... all traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky.

Today’s adventurer can follow the footsteps of early travelers such as Daniel Boone along the Wilderness Road, experience the stories of the pioneer, the Civil War soldier, and the traveler through the only natural opening in the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Speaking of Daniel Boone. I also have a recipe from Fess Parker, television’s Daniel Boone and a recipe from a descendent of Daniel Boone. More on that in the next blog.

REMEMBER if you own a restaurant, hotel, or tourist attractions in Kentucky please send me your favorite recipe. It will be included in The Kentucky Celebrity Cookbook and will help publicize the GREAT state of Kentucky.

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