Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mollie Sims/ W. Earl Brown


Mollie Sims who plays Delinda Deline on television’s Las Vegas is from Boaz, in extreme Western Ky. She attended college at Murray State University. Naturally, I wanted a recipe from her for my Kentucky Celebrity Cookbook.

One of my favorite things to do is attend local auctions in this area where I also live. These are not fancy auctions. Just a mixture of everything you might find in a local estate.

This is also a favorite past time for Mollie’s mother. When I started working on the cookbook, I told her about what I was doing and that I would love to have a recipe from Mollie.

The following July 4th weekend Mollie was home for the holidays and came with her mother to one of Harris Real Estate and Household Auctions. Now you have to remember we live in a rural area and everyone knows Mollie so this was not unusual. She told me her favorite recipe was either her mother’s Red Velvet Cake or Spinach Quiche. She finally decided to go with the Red Velvet Cake, because it was the easiest recipe for her mom to remember.

As I have sent out request for additional recipes from various celebrities, authors, politicians, and places in Kentucky, I have sited examples of recipes I already have including Mollies.

About a month ago, I received and e-mail from W. Earl Brown who played Dan Dority on Deadwood.

He said, “I'll have to give some thought as to what I want to include, since Molly has already jumped on the Red Velvet cake (that is my killer-recipe-of-my-mom's that I use whenever the event calls for something special).

As it turns out Earl, his wife, and Mollie went to college together at Murray State University.

Well, I saw Mollie's mom this weekend at a local auction and told her what Earl had said.
She thought it was funny. Mollie’s mother e-mailed me the Spinach Quiche recipe this morning. I really appreciate both Mollie Sims and W. Earl Brown’s help with “The Kentucky Celebrity Cookbook.

I also received a recipe this morning from Oscar Winner William “Bub” Asman and his wife Jackie. Bub Asman has had 4 Oscar nominations and one win as Best Achievement in Sound Editing for:
Letters from Iwo Jima (2006).

I would still like to have more recipes from Kentucky artist, businesses, and tourist attractions.

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