Wednesday, October 21, 2009



We took a brief break from doing the blog as we had family visiting from Louisville. My husband’s sister and family came for a visit. We really enjoyed their visit. My niece came with them. She has become such a beautiful young woman. It is so nice to have a young person in our family who treats us with so much love and respect yet ask nothing in return. Like a breath of fresh air. I know their parents are so proud of their children. They are truly a blessing to our family.

Now enough about family! Cookbook update! The cookbook “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities,” which I compiled has been included in the items that will be sold by the Jesse Stuart Foundation. I am humbled by this honor.

The Jesse Stuart Foundation is devoted to preserving the human and literary legacy of Jesse Stuart and other Kentucky and Appalachian writers. The Foundation also promotes a number of cultural and educational programs. We encourage the study of Jesse Stuart's works, and of related material, especially the history, culture, and literature of Kentucky and Appalachia.

Dr. Keith R. Kappes Chairman of the Foundation states, “We are proud that Jesse Stuart's books are a guideline to the solid values of America's past. With good humor and brilliant storytelling, Stuart praises the Appalachian people whose quiet lives were captured forever in his wonderful novels and stories. In Jesse's books, readers will find people who value hard work, who love their families, their land, and their country, who believe in education, honesty, thrift, and compassion--people who play by the rules. Today, we are so caught up in teaching children to read that the process has obscured its higher purpose. Children require more than literacy. They need to learn, from reading, the unalterable principles of right and wrong. That is why Stuart's books are so important. They allow educators and parents to make reading fun for children while teaching solid values at the same time. In a world that is rapidly losing perspective, we at the JSF believe we must help educate tomorrow's adults for responsible citizenship.”

It is an honor to be a small part of this organization and to have an opportunity to help support these goals.

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