Saturday, January 2, 2010



Leigh Landini Wright, who does the TASTE Section for the Paducah Sun recently did a story on her very favorite cookbook. She told of a student (at the school where she does Public Relations) who made a homemade cookbook as a gift for her.

This story brought back some very special memories. When my son was young, our family was very involved in church. One day after church, he ask me for a copy of my Chocolate Brownie Pie, which was his very favorite recipe. He said he could not tell me why.

On the following Mother’s Day, he gave me a homemade cookbook with all the favorite recipes of his bible class. It was made of blue construction paper with the title “COOKBOOK” printed in large letters with a crayon. In his eagerness to put it together, the recipes were stapled in up-side-down.

The cookbook is now very old, the construction paper is faded, and the pages are stained with chocolate and butter. However, each time I open it the cookbook brings a smile to my face. It brings back memories of a young child so loving and caring. A young child so eager to show his love. It truly is my VERY FAVORITE COOKBOOK.

I used the cookbook this Christmas holiday to make the traditional 3 pies. One for our dinner and 2 that I always make for my niece and nephew as part of their Christmas presents. It is still the Family Favorite.

Thanks to Leigh for bringing back such good memories.

I would also like to thank Leigh for doing several stories on the my cookbook “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities.” I know she has so many request from various contributors. I really appreciated her including the cookbook.

Also if you have not yet seen this, check out the December Issue of “Paducah Life” and the January issue of “Kentucky Living” Magazines, as they both did stories on the cookbook.


God’s blessings,

Pam Whinnery

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