Thursday, July 15, 2010




We now have over 230 recipes for the Tennessee Celebrity Cookbook.

I just received a recipe from John Schorr, President of Sun Studios Memphis. He sent Elvis’s Fried Banana Pie.

Sun Studios located on Beale Street is the legendary recording studio, and birthplace of rock and roll, widely known for recording Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash.

We also have received recipes with other Elvis ties! The Banana Pudding recipe the cook at Graceland always kept fresh in the refrigrator. This came from the folks at Graceland.

The Jordanaires were one and the same with Elvis for years. Ray Walker, their fabulous bass singer sent his wife's recipe for Corn Chowder. He said he had been married to Marilyn for 55 years and she and the corn chowder got better every year. I loved that!

Gospel Music was a big part of Elvis’s life. The Stamps Quartet sang with Elvis in all of his gospel recordings. The original lead singer Ed Enoch has graciously agreed to send us a recipe.

This is so exciting! I believe all these wonderful people sent recipes as they knew the cookbook is to be used as a fundraiser for various non-profit organizations all across Tennessee. We have already had several organizations that have sold the Kentucky Cookbook that want to sell the Tennessee one as well.

I think God is constantly creating opportunities for the Cookbook and fun activities for me.



NOVEMBER 1, 2010!

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