Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fancy Farm Picnic Book Signing

Fancy Farm Picnic

Book Signing

If you want to be elected in the Bluegrass State, there's only one place to be the first Saturday in August: Fancy Farm, Ky, where old-fashioned politics meets dyed-in-the-wool religion, and the differences are evened out by the glorious, gluttonous, gastronomic magic of charred pork and mutton at the annual Fancy Farm picnic-cum-political rally.

What do political leaders Sen. Mitch McConnell, Gov. Steve Beshears, Sec. of Agriculture Richie Farmer, and Vice-President Alben Barkley have in common? Three will be there this Saturday and one helped organize the political speaking years ago. They also sent a favorite recipe for the Kentucky Cookbook, “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities.” Alben Barkley’s Granddaughter sent the recipe for him.

The cookbook also has recipes from Miley Cyrus, Tom T. Hall, Lance Burton, Naomi Judd, and Kentucky Derby Museum and you can get a copy this weekend at the Fancy Farm Picnic.

Local author Pamela Whinnery will be at the picnic to do a book signing with proceeds going to St. Jerome Parrish. She will also have her recently released cookbook “Country Goodness Recipes of Tennessee Cookbooks.”

Both cookbooks have over 300 recipes from local and national personalities, highly visible businesses, artist, writers, athletes, sportsmen, actors, musicians, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, notable events and places. In addition, there are brief notes with each recipe on the contributors, and calendar of events


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