Saturday, February 11, 2012


I wanted to remind you that I will be in Booth 408 at the Market, March 1-4, at the Lexington Convention Center, with the cookbooks “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities” and the recently released “Country Goodness Recipes of Tennessee Celebrities.” We are offering special SHOW PROMOTIONS. The cookbook is the perfect item for gift shops, Kentucky Souvenirs, and Mother’s Day Presents. It was part of the Nov. Kentucky Dept. of Libraries State Book Fair and was 8th in overall sales from a selection of 523 books.

About Promotions: We are offering two SHOW PROMOTIONS
1. For orders placed prior to or during
the show of 10 or more cookbooks, we will provide FREE SHIPPING.

2. For orders placed prior to or during the show of 20 or more, in addition to free shipping we will give you 2 FREE Cookbooks on both wholesale business and individual retail orders. This is a $50.00 Promotion (shipping and 2 cookbooks at retail value of $19.95) with the
purchase of 20 cookbooks at $199.00 wholesale price.

You can create an order of all KY, all TN, or a mixed order. If you want to know more about the cookbooks go to my blogspot or website listed below for a photo of the covers, list of contributors, organizations, which have used/or using the cookbook as a fundraiser, and letters of reference.

You can check out the Kentucky Crafted Market’s website for discounted tickets at

Be sure to stop by the show March 1-4,
at the Lexington Convention Center
in Lexington and my booth 408 in the
publishers section.

If you have any questions please call or e-mail me. Hope to see you there!

Celebrity Cookbook Publications
Author “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities”
“Country Goodness Recipes of Tennessee Celebrities”

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