Saturday, August 1, 2009



The only thing spicier than the barbeque is the Politics.

Today was the infamous Fancy Farm Picnic in Fancy Farm, KY, which kicks off the campaign season in our illustrious state.

If you head to the western most part of Kentucky, you will find the town called Fancy Farm. This small community is nationally known for two things: its magnificent catholic church and the world’s largest one-day picnic.

This was my first trip to the picnic. My plans were to enjoy the GREAT food including the secret Barbeque sauce, fresh vegetables, and homemade desserts. I was not disappointed. Being an author of the “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities” I also hoped to get a recipe from the St. Jerome Parrish. It is a historic site and the picnic deserves Celebrity Status. A very sweet lady at the “Country Store” promised to send me a recipe from the Parrish.

Another reason for going there is my plans to do a 2nd cookbook on recipes from Kentucky Celebrities. As my 1st cookbook had recipes from several Kentucky politicians, including Gov. Steve Beshear (Democrat) and Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican) I was hoping to give out my business cards to request recipe contributions for the new cookbook.

At the dinner, Former U.S. Representative Carrol Hubbard set at my table. He was extremely gracious and promised to send me a recipe.

I ran into House Majority Leader Jody Richards at a concession stand and he promised a recipe.

Out at the campers (this is what the politicians running for election use as a base when in Fancy Farm) I gave the various campaign groups my card and they all promised recipes. I will admit Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo’s campaign worker came back later and requested a 2nd. Business card. He said he had given the 1st to Mongiardo, but he wanted one for himself to be sure I received the recipe. I was impressed.

Gatewood Galbraith, who is running for Governor in 2011 not only promised me a recipe, but also gave me an autographed book.

Now I don’t want to take political sides, but this will be an interesting, but simple test to see how many of these politicians keep their promise.

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