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In Gathering recipes for my Tennessee Cookbook, I have started collecting recipes from authors, writers, etc. I received a recipe from Sam Pickering (Robin William’s character from Dead Poet’s Society was based on him), John Rice Irwin Appalachian author and founder of the Museum of Appalachia in Norris, and a recipe for Banana Pancakes for Frances Hidgson Burnett (author of The Secret Garden). Her Biographer sent this recipe, she found while researching the book. The Tennessee Cookbook should go to the publisher in September.

I also said earlier, I would do blogs on various contributors for my Kentucky Cookbook. I am doing this on Academy Award winning writer Tom Rickman He sent a funny story that had to be edited to the publisher’s format and therefore I was unable to include. I am posting it today. If you want the entire recipe, you will have to get a copy of the cookbook “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities. ENJOY!


I tried this recipe once on a group of friends from whom the reviews were somewhat, well, guarded. It was, admittedly, an experiment: I wanted to make a down-home version of a Beef Wellington, substituting for its upscale (expensive) ingredients some very downscale (cheap) equivalents – meat loaf instead of a choice cut of beef, braunschweiger (or liverwurst) instead of pate de foie gras, etc. My guests applauded the political statement I was trying to make (they were Californians) while politely not asking for second helpings. I liked it though.

Make the meatloaf the way Mama made it (mine, anyway): a couple of pounds of hamburger, some diced onions and celery, maybe a carrot, and a can of tomatoes.

Tom Rickman from Sharpe, Ky ,whose screenwriting/directing feature movie credits include Oscar Winning “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” & “Truman,” for which he received an Emmy nomination, “Breakfast with Morrie,” “Berry Gordy’s Motown,” a miniseries.

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